Fakery and misdirection

We’ve been working a little on faking since classes restarted in Edinburgh. I saw this video and immediately thought about the connection between the magician and mandinga.

In the video a pickpocket demonstrates some of his moves and explains how misdirection is the key to pulling them off. He first makes a connection with eye contact then uses that connection to “pull” the target’s focus in one direction or another. Even though the target knows that he’s talking to a pickpocket the tricks still work.

This should be applicable in all situations, including the roda. The issue that your opponent is looking out for your tricks should not be a problem — no more than it is for the pickpocket in the video.

Your task is to work out how to focus someone’s attention in the game, like the pickpocket can focus it in conversation. Maybe the video will spark some ideas.

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September 2014 Open Charity Roda

Once a month we invite all you lovely capoeiristas of Scotland for a chance to play and raise funds for good causes.

Welcome to participate, to watch the roda, to bring friends along. Entry by donation.

This month, we will be raising money for the MS Society.

  • 4–6pm, Sunday 7 September 2014
  • Cutting Room (buzzer 36), Out of the Blue Arts Centre, Edinburgh
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Back to training!

Training sessions are restarting this Tuesday September 2nd in Edinburgh at 8pm in Out of the Blue’s Rehearsal Studio.

Training OotB

The next class in Glasgow will be on Thursday 11th at 7pm in the Overnewton Recreation Center. (note that there will be no training session in Glasgow on the 18th)

And our first Open Charity Roda will take place on Sunday 5th in Edinburgh — announcement coming up on this web site.

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Class cancellations (Edinburgh and Glasgow)

The Edinburgh classes are not running this month (August) while the festival is on but will restart on 2nd September. The Glasgow classes continue as usual.

The Glasgow class will not run on 4 September because the hall is unavailable.

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July 2014 Open Charity Roda

It’s that time of month again, the open roda time. We invite you all to come to the Out of the Blue centre in Leith for an inclusive, friendly few hours of capoeira. As with every charity roda we have nominated a cause to donate the profits of the day — please give generously in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

  • 4pm, Sunday 6 July
  • The Cutting Room (buzzer 36)
  • Out of the Blue Arts Centre
  • Leith

Note the unusual time! Four o’clock, earlier than our normal start. Join us.

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June Open Charity Roda

Once a month we invite all you lovely capoeiristas of Scotland for a chance to play and raise funds for good causes.

The June open roda is on the horizon so add the date to your calendar, ensure your wardrobe is sharp and you have energy to give. Join us!

  • 5–7pm, 8 June 2013
  • Cutting Room (buzzer 36), Out of the Blue Arts Centre, Edinburgh

As evidence of the regular work we do here is a montage of the extra-special Christmas charity roda. We raised money for Baron’s Haugh nature reserve run by the RSPB.

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Knockengorroch 2014 World Ceilidh

We’re going to Knockengorroch 2014 World Ceilidh (22–25 May) for several days to have workshops, rodas and demonstrations. If you’re going to be there come and say hello! If you weren’t going to be there I’ve just given you a reason to come.

Highland cow

Knockengorroch Highland Cow by Will Cowan

We’ll be in the following locations at the following times (and there might be a few more ‘impromptu’ sessions elsewhere so keep your ears peeled for the tone of the berimbau).

  • Friday: Sheiling Stage, 3.30–4.20. Demo and workshop.
  • Saturday: Tallyn workshop marquee, 11–12 noon.
  • Sunday: Tigtri kids’ tent. Demo and workshop. Please check the board outside the kids’ tent to confirm the time.

There will also be many other acts, local and international, to get your cultural teeth into. It’ll be good, and with luck even dry!

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April Open Charity Roda

Mão no Chão open their doors to the Capoeira world for a charity roda once a month, bring your love of the game and respect for each other. The Open Charity Roda is taking place in Out of the Blue in Edinburgh, in the cutting room, on Sunday April the 27th.roda-workshop-dion-march-2014

This month charity roda will raise money for FareShare and their work with poverty and food waste in the UK.

Welcome to participate, to watch the roda, to bring friends along. Entry by donation.

  • The date: Sunday, 27 April 2014
  • The time: 5pm
  • Out of the Blue, cutting room
    (buzzer number 036 or 041)
    36 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh

See you all there!

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Last minute Glasgow cancellation

Due to unforeseen circumstances tomorrow night’s class in Glasgow (17 April) will be without a teacher. There will still be people there to train with but if you’re a newcomer this is probably not the best day to turn up! Thanks for understanding.

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Second session for Glasgow?

The Glasgow group haven’t had much luck with venues in recent years, with troubles ranging from destruction by fire to bankruptcy. But we are not to be deterred! Our regular Thursday evening sessions continue at the Overnewton Recreation Centre (see the Classes page for more details) and we’re in the final stages of adding a second session.

We hope this will provide extra opportunity for the current group and maybe provide that much needed chance for new people to join us.

More details about the location and time when we’ve got it all sorted! Until then, we are still active and still training — and still welcoming new members. Why not pop in this Thursday?

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